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This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realise it is play. The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is. I’m here to tell you that the path to peace is right there, when you want to get away. When you are present, you can allow the mind to be as it is without getting entangled in it. If you miss the present moment, you miss your appointment with life. That is very serious!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wooden boats

I was proud of the waves I had made, but wondered how many boats I was supposed to rock.
- Phil Donahue

A daily practice of sketching and painting gives you a chance to exercise the big three P's - practice, practice, practice!

W&N watercolours on Bockingford 300gsm - 12" x 8" 
For this painting I was inspired by Elizabeth Kendall's beautiful photograph "A boat in the harbour".

I'm absolutely MAD about wooden boats, they just call out to be painted! And yet I very rarely do, suppose I don't get much opportunity to sketch them 'live'.



  1. So glad you like it Laure, thank you!

  2. Lovely, Maree! A wooden boat in any condition remains beautiful, they are such icons!

  3. I agree Marie, and sometimes the older it is, the more beautiful it is! Thanks for popping in!

  4. A beautiful photograph and a beautiful painting! Great subject.

  5. Thank you Liz, and I agree, boats are gorgeous subjects!

  6. And it brings back so many wonderful memories!! Your painting is excellent Maree!

    1. Thank you! Glad I could take you back to that wonderful time in your life Liz!


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