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Monday, November 4, 2013

Kiep, my Bantam

I’m a free range chicken. 
I do what I want. 
I’m a free range chicken. 
I go where I want. 
I peck a little here. 
I peck a little there. 
I’m a free range chicken. 
That’s what I’m doing here! 
- Unknown 

W&N watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm 

Kiep, my little pet hen, comes from Bantam stock, though clearly mixed with a variety of other chicken breeds, and she actually looks like a miniature Leghorn.

Bantam chickens have been domesticated for centuries. In fact, they are one of the oldest known domestic animals. Marco Polo wrote about banties in his journal. While all bantams are chickens, not all chickens are banties. 

All bantams are smaller than regular chickens and they share some unique personality traits. I personally think they have more personality than chickens do, are more able to care for themselves, and find more of their own food. They seem to keep the grasshopper population down better than other types of poultry! I haven’t seen a bug in my garden for ages since introducing chickens to my garden again.

Healthy bantams are curious. They will check out anything that seems unusual and loudly announce the arrival of visitors. I do not keep them locked in the pen, they roam as much as possible (a chicken’s raison de etre!) and have access to fresh, green grass, insects, and whatever else they find in addition to the feed I give them. And I'm rewarded with breakfast every morning!



  1. I love this blog and will be following. I want to come back and look all through it. I am enjoying sketching and watercolour and I think I can learn a lot here. Awesome

  2. Aaah, thank you for your kind words Janice and thank you for the visit and the follow!


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